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About Law Office Tomovski - Bulgaria
Law Office Tomovski Bulgaria offer to our business and private customers comprehensive legal services. Our law practice covers the area of the Civil Law, as we have extensive experience in sectors such as Commercial and Real Estate Law, Contract Law, Litigation and Enforcement Proceedings, Renewables, as well as in the provision of offshore services and debt recovery.
Law Office Tomovski Bulgaria manages investments in some of the Bulgarian construction projects and real estates, carries due diligence on different investors projects, while also providing subjective decisions on various legal cases of physical and legal entities.

Our Publications
March 28, 2014 Is it possible to avoid the Bulgarian offshore legislation? Are the regulations concerning offshore schemes evaded with the strange abbreviation. Agere in fraudem legis.
August 28, 2013 Registration of Bulgarian company. International commercial operations by citizens or companies in the EU, acting through a Bulgarian limited liability company – a reasonable choice for paying the lowest corporate profit tax in the Euro Zone.....
March 23, 2012 The purchase of Bulgarian property, by EU citizens became possible from 2012. The 5-year moratorium on the purchase of land by citizens of the EU, reflected in the Accession Treaty between Republic of Bulgaria and The European Union
January 21, 2012 Deadline for re-registration of Bulgarian companies and cooperations has expired. What will happen next with the not re-registered companies...
September 9, 2011 Purchase of properties in Bulgaria by a foreign citizens through Bulgarian company with underdeveloped activity. Incorporation of a company with minimum company capital - Hazard to the owners...

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