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Bulgaria, as business jurisdiction

Bulgaria is still untapped market which offers great opportunities for profit and high annual income for those who decide to invest now.

Bulgarian economy is steady growing, the industrial production increase, the unemployment reduction and the development of bank credits lead to enhancement of GDP in the last few years.

These conditions imply strong property market and lead to a progressive increase of Bulgarian real estate prices.

Some of the essential factors, forming the decision of investors to choose Bulgaria are:

  • Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 2007
  • national currency is pegged to the Euro
  • full membership in NATO since 2004
  • developed tourism industry
  • great percentage of economic growth
  • highly skilled labor in some of the most competitive levels of payment in Europe
  • stable and predictable business and political environment;the lowest production costs and taxes in Europe
  • free trade of industrial goods between Bulgaria and EU, EFTA, CEFTA and Turkey
  • 10 % corporate tax – the lowest in Europe;land can be acquired by a Bulgarian registered company with up to 100% foreign ownership
  • lovely climate with incredible nature and landmarks