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Patent law and registration of trademark

Patent is a document, that provides legal protection for an invention. Each patent certifies the existance of a patentable invention, the priorities, the inventor and the exclusive right of owner of the patent on the invention, which includes:

  • right to use the invention
  • prohibiting third parties from using it without the consent of the patent
  • right to dispose the patent

>Patents are issued by the relevant national authorities for legal protection of industrial or intelectual property. In Bulgaria this body is the Patent Office.

Bulgarian inventors are entitled to claim for a patent abroad, 3 months after the filing of patent application in Bulgaria. The validity of the patent in Bulgaria is 20 years from the filing of patent application, as annualy certain fees are paid to maintain its operations.

Lawyer from our law firm can assist you in registration of your patent invention as the preparation of application and description of the invention according the current national laws and international conventions, as well with carrying of standard studies about patented inventions in areas such as:

  • inventions
  • plant varieties and animal breeds
  • industrial design
  • marks and geographical indications

Our services related to the patent law

  • exploration of novelty (whether a decision is new before you apply to patent it)
  • exploration of novelty and inventive step
  • study of patent purity in Republic of Bulgaria
  • special studies on patent inventions