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Forming and maintenance of an offshore company

Offshore company is any company established by a foreign entity in another country. In modern practice, however, the term is used for companies, registered in offshore areas, which offer highly facilitated tax regimes. There are over 60 offshore countries and territories and the most attractive are: Seychelles, Belize, Delaware (USA), British Virgin Islands, Panama, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Bahamas and Costa Rica.

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The main advantages of an offshore company

  • facilitated registration and maintenance modes
  • no taxation on international income
  • preserve the anonymity of the owners and highest level of privacy protection
  • opportunity to acquire shares and shares of local entities
  • low requirements and costs for accounting and auditing

Structure of an offshore company

The company formation itself

In most offshore areas it’s necessary to have a “registered agent” who performs the actions to register the company on place. The process requires due diligence of owners identity and payment of state taxes; Most often, to found a company, you need to provide:

  • Identification document(ID card or passport - certified by notary, attorney, etc.);
  • "proof of address" - documents showing rhe address of the person, most often invoice or bill for paid taxesили bank reference.

„Nominee director” и „Nominee shareholder”

These services ensure the confidentiality of the real owner data. The nominee director is local intermediary, who appears in all public registers, but has no power to manage the company or access to its finances. This service is highly recommended, but not mandatory;

Virtual office

Can be set up in a major city like New York or London. This is a business address with phone and fax, all the correspondence is issued to this address and then forwarded to the real owner. Virtual office does not affect the taxation;

An offshore corporate bank account

Banks in offshore areas offer all modern services including online banking, debit and credit cards, check books, international bank transfers, credit letters etc. This provides the customer with permanent access to his funds. Opening of such bank account is not mandatory, but is comfortable and easy to operate, also banks in offshore areas maintain a very high level of confidentiality. You can read more about the ofshore bank account here

Fees and terms

The fee for formation of an offshore company is determined by:

  • state fees at the offshore area
  • preferred company form
  • use or not of the recommended services
  • mandatory use of secretary services and "registered agent" in some offshore areas
  • expediency for company registration

The terms to forming a offshore company start from 2 days for express order and 15 days for normal order.

Our assistance in registering your offshore company, including providing additional information for all offshore areas, legal advice and preparation of the necessary documents, cost depend of the used annual nominee services.

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