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Pre-paid legal services / Subscription legal service

With our legal subscription service you get not just replay to individual question, but a strategy to achieve long-term goals, objectives and optimization of your business in Bulgaria.

Legal subscription service is expressed in legal support of the company activities on all legal issues occurring in the course of economic development.

Who may use subscription legal service
  • companies without internal legal department
  • companies whose lawyers lack the practice in a particular legal field

Benefits for customers use subscription legal service
  • fixed subscription fee; monthly fixed subscription fee
  • legal experience of our lawyers
  • not necessary to conclude a special contract for each type of legal service
  • save expenses for legal staff (salaries, leave, damages, health care, etc.)
  • resolving each case you get individual approach aligned at most with the specifics of your business
  • any time you can count on the participation of a legal consultant
  • priority service over other clients
  • development and extensive research for solving individual cases