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Bank services and bank accounts in offshore zones

Shortly after the establishment of an offshore company in a particular offshore area, it would be an appropriate choice on the part of the owner to open one or more bank accounts at offshore banks.

Depending on a range of subjective circumstances related to the offshore company, as for example its fiscal stability, its owner, its sphere of business and others, we are able to offer representation services when there is a necessity of opening a bank account in various jurisdiction in which we have established business relationships.

At the same time, not all banks are considered to be an appropriate choice for opening of a bank account. There are banks which can require from a juridical person to possess a minimal capital amount of 100 000 $, while there are also others which require a significantly smaller deposit amount of 5000 $.

The choice of the bank is subjectively determined for each customer, as the important criteria in this relation may be: active trade, time deposits, investments, credits and debit cards, internet banking and others.

With regard to the above, the opening of a bank account is not automatically guaranteed. All banks have different policies and it is possible for a specific bank not to accept a customer due to reasons which it deems essential, such as an unacceptable kind of business, country of origin and so on.

Therefore, in case of representation services performance, we require from the customers to submit objective information details, as fully as possible, on the fiscal state, the scheduled fund flows, the business-model and others.

Anonymity of the owners

In order for a bank account of an offshore company to be opened, all the banks require detailed information with regard to the person who is the owner of the offshore company.

Accordingly, the bank will initiate a process of identifying the owner by requesting a range of documents. Such documents can consist of: an international passport, a personal ID card, bank references, description of the business, prognosis with respect to the fund flows and others.

The determination of these documents is subjectively oriented; as opening of a bank account with an anonymous owner is considered invalid, while, naturally, the use of a nominee owner is permissible.

Depending on the preferences of the customer and according to the fiscal stability, we offer representation services in the following jurisdictions: Belize, Saint Vincent, Mauritius, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Switzerland, Liechtenstein. Delaware and Latvia.

The amount of the fee varies depending on the jurisdiction chosen by the customer, and it is liable to a change depending on the extent the customer has prepared his/her documentation.

Due to the fact that, in numerous cases, an offshore juridical person is registered as a nominal co-partner or as a director of an offshore company, it is this juridical person who most frequently prepares the accessory documents necessary for opening of a corporate offshore bank account.