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Energy law and renewable energy sources
The production of electricity from renewable energy sources is one of the fastest growing energy industries in recent years. The sector is one of the most attractive because of the preferential purchase prices, long-term purchase contracts and promotion of European directives by the Bulgarian Law.

Our team is specialized in developing projects for power plants using renewable sources; we advise investors, developers of energy projects, energy traders, creditors, suppliers and builders, according to legislation in Bulgaria.

We provide assistance and advice during the process of investment and construction of:
  • wind Farms
  • gas pipelines
  • photovoltaic power plants
  • electricity grids
  • biomass power installation
  • heating networks

Legal activities during development of energy project
You can rely on consistently professional and legal assistance and cooperation during the project and in particular at the following stages:
  • preliminary examination of sites - the purpose of investor
  • research for compatibility of project with the fixed quota, tension levels and locations
  • research the capacity of electricity transmission or distribution grid
  • assistance and representation in negotiations and acquisition of land
  • legal preparation of the land for construction of electricity subject (land status change)
  • representation at examination to join the electricity transmission or distribution grid
  • representation to the local authorities for issuing design visa (permission for planing)
  • research and coordination of the energy companies proposition for preliminary accession contract
  • legal and accounting service awarding the contract
  • representation in the selection of designers, EPC contractors and suppliers
  • assembling the project and representation to the local authorities to issue building permit
  • representation at the signing of energy facility accession contract
  • documentary preparation for opening the construction site
  • representation in the adoption of a complete object from the contractor (Act 15)
  • representation in obtaining permission for commissioning of the facility (Act 16)
  • negotiations for securing easements transport infrastructure, validation of electricity and heating grid
  • representation in the sampling of the energy company
  • legal due diligence, examination of documents and legal preparation of deals