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Due Diligence

The acquisition of a project, SPV, Company or real estate is a process in which can occur unexpected legal events affecting investor expectations and economic interests.

The detailed legal examination known as "due diligence" is expressed in a survey of the legal status of the object and providing legal advice on the acquisition of the project. Specific objects to which can be made "due diligence" can be:

  • renewable energy projects such as photovoltaic, wind or hydroelectric power plant
  • development projects for vacation and residential Resorts under construction or already built
  • acquisition of company or special purpose vehicle (SPV)
  • acquisition of individual properties as agricultural lands, plots, apartments, etc

Due diligence activity depending of the subject
  • investigation of the project owner - legal status, due taxes, legal claims, contracts, mortgages, etc
  • survey of the terrain on which the project will be build, including history of owners, way of acquisition, etc
  • survey of zoning plan of the terrain and the documents it`s based on
  • study of conditions for accession and the preliminary or final accession contract
  • study of additional documents, such as signed preliminary contracts, building permits, deeds, etc
  • representation of the investor during the process of acquisition of the company (SPV)