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Incorporation of offshore companies Company registration in Bulgaria, Liquidation, Maintenance. Statute of limitations of a fine imposed by electronic ticket

Company registration in Bulgaria, Liquidation, Maintenance.

One of the most used types of companies for initial registration are commercial companies of the type OOD / limited liability company / or EOOD / sole-owner limited liability company /

Law office Tomovski can assist in registering a company within one day at competitive prices, and “in distance” / remote / registration is possible without a personal visit to the office.

We can also offer changes in the circumstances of companies, such as changes of members, director, name or registered office and address of management of the company, change in capital, articles of association, capital increase through in-kind contributions, additional cash contributions, exclusion of partners, as well as any other company changes.

Liquidation is a process of voluntary termination of a company and liquidation of property remaining after the liquidation. The liquidation period is not shorter than 6 months, most often 7-8 months.

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